Supply Chain

Golder consultants are experts in:

  • Mining operations
  • Coal processing and handling systems
  • Rail, barge and truck transportation, ports and ocean transportation

Golder consults with and advises coal suppliers, consumers and transportation companies worldwide.

Improve and identify…

Golder’s supply chain consulting services include:

  • Transportation studies of transportation service providers
  • Cost of service estimates
  • Alternative delivery methods

Integrating its comprehensive understanding of the supply chain, Golder provides analysis of transportation logistics geared towards identifying areas for improvement or to identify bottlenecks in the system that may have a negative impact on efficient operations.  This analysis may result in recommendations of alternative delivery methods to mitigate risk and to obtain optimum service rates.

Study and deliver…

These supply chain services also include coal handling system reviews at loading or unloading yards located at the mine, port or utility.  Golder provides coal handling system audits including environmental and safety audits to ensure best management practices and technologies are employed when handling, processing or treating the coal.

Golder will review current operating practices to ascertain the adequacy and capability of the system.  Based on this review, Golder will provide recommendations to achieve improved efficiencies and identify baseline metrics and benchmarking to measure future improvements with the goal of optimizing daily operations.