North American Coking Coal Study

A guide to understanding the complexities of a changing industry


As interest in the U.S. and Canadian coking coal industries continues to grow, are you prepared to seize good opportunities when they inevitably arise?  Marston offers a valuable resource for those keen on understanding a quickly changing global commodities market.  Whether you buy, sell, or have vested interest in coking coal or its properties, Marston’s Study offers the compelling information needed.

Key Issues addressed in the Study:
  • What is the availability of low- and mid-vol U.S. coking coal production and reserves?
  • What is the range in costs for U.S. and Canadian export coking coals?
  • How do “marginal” or “crossover” coking coals factor into the U.S. export equation?
  • Will transportation logistics be a limiting factor for future North American coking coal exports?
  • What will be the impact of new policies and regulations?


Other Highlights include:
  • Regional reviews of geology and coal quality
  • 2010 summary of North American coking coal production by mining complex
  • Review of major players and recent acquisitions
  • How to work within the North American business environment



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Marston's 2011 North American Coking Coal Study

Richard R. Marston, P.E.
President & CEO
Presented at Steel Success Strategies XXVI
New York, NY - June 2011


North America's Role in the Ever-chaning Coking Coal Market

William G. Meister
Vice President
Presented at National Coal Transportation Association Conference 
Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. - April 2011