Market Analysis


Analyze and act …

Golder can provide market analysis and price forecasts including coal customer analysis, competitor studies and supply – cost curves of producers in major coal basins in every major coal exporting country around the world. 

This data is derived from publicly available data.  It is regularly updated by a team of analysts and supplemented with current labor and supply rates. These rates are derived from a range of ongoing studies at various mines. 

Should the client desire, Golder can include historical and future forecasted transportation costs to coal-fired power plants or other customers at any location in the world. 

In the United States, Golder provides several products derived from MSHA production and employee data on a subscription basis. These products are delivered to clients in easy-to-use MS Excel format. 


Subscribe and conquer …

After each quarterly release of MSHA production data, Golder compiles the data and sorts each mine’s reported production into the appropriate region, company and complex.  The data is evaluated to identify and estimate any missing or misreported data from the initial MSHA download that would otherwise jeopardize the accuracy of the final report. 

Golder provides historic quarterly production data and a production forecast through the prompt calendar year for each mine in the requested region or regions. 


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Golder also provides annual and quarterly cost curves for all coal mines in the United States, or will segregate them by coal quality, coal supply region, state, owner, or any desired combination.  Costs are segregated into seven primary components, then into multiple secondary components.  The seven primary components are:

  • Labor
  • Materials and Supplies
  • ROM Coal Transportation
  • Clean Coal Transportation
  • Sales Related Expenses
  • Other Cash Costs
  • DD&A and Other Non Cash Costs 


The total operating cost is calculated at the sales point for each specific complex; either FOB truck, rail, or barge.