Contract Support

Maintain the fuel supply…

From initial due diligence of potential long-term suppliers, market and transportation studies to contract advisory services through dispute resolution, Golder consultants provide perspective and practical solutions on arranging and maintaining a reliable economic solid fuel supply.

Work with utilities…

With clients such as electric utility companies, independent power project sponsors, lenders, and traders and transportation providers, Golder renders coal supply studies and contract advisory services which are now recognized and accepted throughout the global financial community.

Specialize in contracts…

Golder specializes in advising on the technical and commercial aspects of long-term coal supply and transportation contracts.  Whether for captive power plants or independent power plants seeking project financing, Golder provides detailed studies of coal reserves and supply chain reliability and matches technical contract terms accordingly.

Individualize information…

Through detailed coal reserve and mine planning studies or in-depth supply source and transportation studies, Golder’s commercial advice is based on the particular circumstances of each client.  Those circumstances may call for long-term market-based pricing or for captive buyers, fixed price plus escalation or cost-plus prices.  In every situation, Golder consultants provide expertise and advice on technical and commercial terms including:

  • Coal Sources
  • Coal Reserves
  • Quantities (Production Rate and Term)
  • Coal Quality – Acceptable Range and Rejection
  • Price
  • Price Adjustments
     - Indexed
     - Component Escalation
     - Cost-plus
  • Weighing and Sampling
  • Delivery, Unloading and Rejection
  • Security of Supply and Performance Standards
  • Administration and Management
  • Transportation for CIF, DES and DEQ delivery