Coal Supply Planning


Golder consultants continue to be key advisors to utilities and independent power producers around the world on technical and commercial matters pertaining to long-term fuel supply. 

On the technical side, Golder advises on:

  • Coal Quality Design Specifications
  • Coal Reserves and Producers
  • Land and Ocean Transportation
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Coal Handling and Stockpiles 


On the commercial side, Golder’s consultants advise on:

  • Technical
  • Pricing
  • Other Business-Related Terms of Long-Term Coal Supply and Transportation Contracts


Golder’s coal supply planning services begin with a sound knowledge of coal mines and infrastructure worldwide.  Golder maintains an extensive database of coal mines and projects in every major producing coal basin including locations, production capacities, coal quality, inland transportation links, ports, markets and pricing.  Golder’s professional staff of geologists, mining engineers and minerals economists has the experience and tools to perform due diligence of specific coal sources and supply plans from preliminary geological analysis through detailed, bankable mining and transportation feasibility studies.

Golder’s coal consultants have broad knowledge of the international coal business and have been active participants in coal mine and executive management, coal logistics, coal sales and marketing, and utility company fuel management.  This wealth of experience and perspective provides clients with fuel supply strategies that are optimized for security of supply and economics.  Golder is renowned for bankable coal supply plans that have been used in support of limited-recourse financing of some of the world’s largest independent power projects and power plant acquisitions.