Coal Supply Consulting



  • We have more than 20 years of experience in coal supply consulting.
  • We have prepared coal supply plans for IPP Owners and performed due dilgence reviews for IPP Lenders.  A number of these IPPs have been financed, constructed and are operating.
  • We have offices around the world to respond to your needs.
  • We solve your coal supply problems and save you money.



  • Exploration, estimation and certification of coal resources/reserves, and mining and infrastructure
  • Coal haulage, barging, shipping, delivery, stocks, handling, preparation and utilization 
  • Coal sales and transportation contracts

Golder’s consultants include professional coal industry executives with worldwide experience in mining, transportation, economic and contractual issues.  Golder includes a complete staff of supporting geologists, mining engineers and mineral economists to evaluate and analyze issues in detail.

Golder knows all of the issues that affect a power project related to coal and the documents required to make a project bankable.  We have solved many issues regarding many plants and can provide insight because of our perspective and experience.


Golder has completed fuel supply projects for power plants that are financed, built and operating successfully. 

Financed Power Projects
  • GHECO-One - 660 MW unit, Rayong, Thailand, Under construction
  • PT Paiton Energy – 2x610 MW units, Java, Indonesia, COD - 1997
  • PT Jawa Power – 2x615 MW units, Java, Indonesia, COD – 1999
  • Quezon Power – 430 MW unit, Philippines, COD - 2000 
  • Iskenderun – 2x605 MW units, Turkey, COD - 2003 
  • Millmerran – 880 MW unit, Queensland, Australia, COD - 2003 
  • Cebu Energy Development – 3x82 MW unit, Philippines
  • TNB Janamanjung Sdn. Bhd. – 2,100 MW unit, Malaysia, COD - 2001 
Acquisitions/Fuel Supply Due Diligence
  • Calaca – 2x300 MW units, Philippines
  • Fiddler’s Ferry – 4x500 MW units, United Kingdom
  • Ferrybridge – 4x500 MW units, United Kingdom
  • Drax – 6x660 MW units, United Kingdom
Coal Supply Strategies & Advisory Services
  • TM Power S.A. – Proposed 800 MW unit, Turnu Magurele, Romania
  • PT Cirebon Power – Proposed 660 MW unit, Indonesia
  • PT Tanjung Jati Power – Proposed 1,320 MW unit, Indonesia
  • Macquarie Generation, Bayswater & Liddell Stations - New South Wales, Australia
  • Colstrip Power Station Owners - Colstrip, Montana
  • NRG, Limestone Generating Station - Jewett, Texas
  • TEAM Philippines, Sual and Pagbilao Power Plants