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World Coal Contributions


Water: Nusiance, Hazard or Opportunity

Gareth Digges La Touche, Golder Associates UK, and Peter Lemke, Golder Associates Inc. (USA), discuss coal mine dewatering options.


Planning an Efficient Process

Tyler Cvetan, Charles Hoyt, Sue-Bonham Carter and Mathew Oommen, Golder Associates, discuss coal mine planning processes in relation to pit optimization.


The Race for Space

David Nolan, Golder Associates, Indonesia, discusses the need for Indonesian coal miners to utilize the space allotted to mine waste products as effectively as possible.


Coal Mine Ground Control

Rob Thomas, Golder Associates, Australia, and Dr. Keith MacAndrew, Golder Associates, UK, discuss advances in coal mine ground control.


Global IPCC: Golder Associates recommends IPCC for mine expansion in Indonesia.

Peter Altounyan, Alexander Garcia and Keith Macandrew outline how the introduction of advanced rockbolting technology is supporting mechanisation in Indian coal mines.


Richard R. Marston and Roger Doll describe how to achieve best practices in mine planning.


More Quantity; Less Quality

Donald L. Ewart Jr. and Mathew P. Oommen disucuss the prospects of future global steam coal supply.


Well Worth the Effort

Susan Poos and Len Dolby discuss pit optimisation in coal mine planning.


Indonesian Coal

Donald L. Ewart, Jr. and Robert Vaughn review the Indonesian thermal coal industry.


Planning to Compete

Richard and David Marston discuss exploration, geological modelling and mine planning in a competitive marketplace.


Coal's Next Model

Mathew P. Oommen, Susan Poos, Ted Minnes, Jason Hill and Tom Cobroft look at a selection of mine modelling applications.


Theories of Evolution

Susan Poos and William Meister discuss the progress and privitization of the Russian coal mining industry.


Recent US Events and the International Coal Market

Bill Meister provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the U.S. coal industry.


Southeast Asian Coal Developments

Donald L. Ewart, Jr. studies the recent growth in the coal industry and coal-fired power sector in Southeast Asia.


Indonesian Industry Update

Donald L. Ewart Jr. presents an overview of the Indonesian coal industry.


Australian Outlook

David C. Wood analyzes the prospects for the Australian coal industry.


History Lesson for the Future

Douglas A. Wagner examines the evolution of the Southern Powder River Basin and where it goes from here.


Southeast Asia Coal Review

Donald L. Ewart Jr. examines the current situation in each of Southeast Asia's coal producing countries.


Coal Age Contributions

Virtual Reality for Dragline Planners

Tom Cobcroft looks at the benefits of using 3d-Dig as a mine planning tool.


Papers and Presentations


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Marston's 2011 North American Coking Coal Study

Richard R. Marston, P.E.
President & CEO
Presented at Steel Success Strategies XXVI
New York, NY - June 2011


North America's Role in the Ever-changing Coking Coal Market

William G. Meister
Vice President
Presented at National Coal Transportation Association Conference 
Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. - April 2011


The Competitive Cost of Coal - Analyzing the Major Producing Areas of the World

John W. Devon
Excutive Vice President & Principal Consultant
Presented at Coaltrans Asia
Bali, Indonesia - May 2010


Fuel Flexibility from the Pit to the Boiler Silos

William G. Meister
Senior Vice President & Executive Consultant
Presented at American Coal Council - 2009 Fuel Flexibility Conference
Strategics & Tactics for Coal Consumers
St. Lous, Missouri, U.S. - June  2009


Anthracite Production & Exports 
A World Map

William G. Meister
Senior Vice President & Executive Consultant
Presented at World Coke & Anthracite Summit
Krakow, Poland - March 2009


Cost Trends in Mining

William G. Meister
Senior Vice President & Executive Consultant
Presented at McCloskey's European Coal Conference
Nice, France - May 2008


Equipment Performance Benchmarking

Dr. Louise Michaud
Principal and Senior Mining Consultant
Presented at the Mine Planning & Equipment Selection Conference
Beijing, China - October 2008

Upcoming Trends in World Anthracite Trade

Richard R. Marston, P.E.
Donald L. Ewart, Jr., P.E.
Presented at Coaltrans World Anthracite Conference
Kiev, Ukraine - September 2007


Stratigraphic and Block Modeling Methods
in the Athabasca Oil Sands

D. David Marston, P.E.

Presented at the 2004 CIM Mining Conference